We flew business class with Emirates from London to Melbourne, stopping at Singapore for a side trip to Java and Malaysia.  The trip was booked through Qantas, but they code share with Emirates, so several legs were on Emirates flights.

The Qantas legs were very good.  We wanted vegetarian food, although would be happy to eat fish.  Qantas served a good choice of all types of food both in the air and on the ground in their lounges.

For several of the Emirates flights (where we had pre-booked a vegetarian meal choice) the food was awful.  It was the worst type of vegetarian choice that you would expect from someone who does not understand the concept of vegetarian cooking - just take away the meat.  When we asked for something different to replace the terrible food we had been offered we were told that this was not possible because they had loaded our vegetarian choice and we could not change.  And this was on a flight costing thousands of pounds.  Qantas had a very different attitude - they made up a special meal based on what was available.  Emirates suggested cancelling the pre-booked vegetarian choice for the next leg and assured us that there would be time for this to happen, but it did not.

On return home I complained and in return received the 'bed bug' letter - the standard letter that is sent to everyone.  On complaining again I received a modified 'bed bug' letter.  Why these companies think that they can just fob you off with being grateful that they welcome feedback because it will help them improve their service I do not know.  What about the terrible service that we have received?  A third complaint grudgingly offered a few free miles on their own frequent flyer service.  When I pointed out that I booked this flight because it was a One World flight and would like the miles credited to that account they refused.

It is clear that Emirates has no real customer service ethos.  Paying thousands of pounds for a long haul flight and getting a third rate meal with no hint of an apology or compensation is entirely unacceptable.  I shall avoid them at all costs in future.